Tuesday 29 April 2008


Do you know the current world population?
Do you know how many bicycles are produced this year worldwide?
Do you know how many newspapers are circulated this year worldwide?
Do you know how many miles Earth has traveled in space within our solar system this year?
Do you know how many people have no access to safe drinking water?
Do you know how many people die because of smoking?

Well, I’m not conducting any quiz competition here. Here is an interesting and informative website http://www.worldometers.info/. It not only answers the above questions but also gives some more statistics. Some of the statistics are worth pondering. Though the figures are not 100% accurate, they (website team) make sure that they give as accurate number as possible based on the reputed and reliable sources available all over the world. Also take a look at another website http://www.stopthehunger.com/. Whenever we waste some food, we need to check this website to see how many people are dying because of hunger.

Monday 28 April 2008

ISRO Sets A World Record

ISRO has created a world record by launching 10 satellites using Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV-C9). 10 satellites include 2 Indian satellites and satellites from Canada, Germany, Denmark, Japan and Netherlands. It’s a very proud moment for all Indians. This feat not only shows our remarkable achievement but also the success of PSLV in putting the satellites into orbits. It is 12th consecutive successful launch of PSLV. Just to note, India is one of the very few countries which have the capability of launching satellite indigenously.
I wish ISRO much more success in the space program.

Thursday 24 April 2008

Why people drive like this?

The road in topic is Hosur Road between Silk board junction and Electronics City. Some of the highlights are: Fly-over construction is under way and lots of people cross this road from both ends and it is more near Bommanahalli and other few points. This road has become kind of 4 lanes, each of 2 lanes for one way traffic.
Let me now come to the core issue of the topic. I’ve seen people driving on this road. Let me describe this in detail:

Two-wheelers: They are also one of the craziest drivers. They try to squeeze in wherever possible. They are also not bothered about the lane. They keep switching the lanes. The way they drive the vehicle is like a dirt track race.

Cab Drivers: All cab drivers including private maxi-cab drivers come under this category. They are worst. They drive as if world is going to end today! Still worse they just don’t bother about fellow drivers. When they are switching the lanes, they don’t even bother of looking at the rear window and they assume that whoever is coming from the back at the other lane should stop. They are also one of the top contenders in “Most Honking” category.

Heavy Vehicle Drivers: Bus and lorry drivers come under this category. The driving by private bus drivers is most horrifying. The way they make their own way is very dangerous. Sometimes I think of dragging them out and hitting! Another common scene is the race between private buses! They have made this road a race track. They keep honking as if it is an ambulance!

Why drivers don’t understand that it is dangerous to drive zig-zag?
Why drivers do not care to follow single lane?
Why drivers do not have patience to wait for pedestrians to cross the road?
Why drivers keep honking despite knowing that traffic is moving slowly?
Why drivers do not implement basic driving rules?


Tuesday 15 April 2008

Let us bring back our money!

Here is a good article on black money being kept in tax heaven banks like Swiss Bank. Author concludes saying only we countrymen, can bring back that money. But the question remains is How? As most of the politicians might be involved in some way or other, there will be a collective effort from all the political parties to make sure that no such activity would happen which will expose their (ill) wealth. Definitely we need people like General Sani Abacha of Nigeria, Alberto Fujimori of Peru and Ferdinand Marcos of Philippines.

I remember Shri Rajiv Dixit of Bharath Bachao Aandolan had started an initiative to collect the signatures from people of India in support of getting the account details of Indians from tax heavens banks. In fact, I was also involved in that campaign and I had collected more than 500 signatures. The aim was to collect 1 crore signatures and present it to the then President of India Shri APJ Kalam.

At least, one can contribute towards this by educating / making people aware of such corruption. Like I did, you also can blog such articles or send it to your friends circle.

Tuesday 8 April 2008

Long time No post!

Its been long time since I blogged on a particular subject. I recently moved from Hyderabad to Bengaluru and I’m busy in setting the things up. There are a couple of subjects which I would like to blog such as my 4 long years stay in Hyderabad and my experience of initial days of Bengaluru. Bengaluru is not new to me. I stayed here for almost 3.5 years. But seeing this city after a gap of 4 years and the experience I had for initial few weeks was, I thought, worth a topic for blogging. I also want to blog on my experience with Hyderabad RTO and Police stations. As usual my blog is not always discussing about a topic. Whenever I come across any interesting topic in the internet, I do post it.

Thursday 3 April 2008


I've been using Windows Live Space for blogging (http://itsmesuresh.spaces.live.com/). Somehow I was not very satisfied with Live Space. May be, it is because of lot of restrictions in that site. I was looking for a better blogging site and I chose Blogger. I pen down my thoughts here.