I'm from Bengaluru (12.9716° N, 77.5946° E) and working as a SharePoint Architect.

I own two blogs. The one you are looking at right now is the place where I post about anything which interests me. The second blog is dedicated to SharePoint and related technologies. If you are connected with SharePoint in any way, do visit my site and provide your feedback.

I love travelling and so does my wife and that makes it a perfect stage for exploring! I've been marking the traveled places in Google Maps. We want to see lots of Blue marks in that map! Of course, I do post about my travels as well.

As much as I hate driving in the city limits, I love driving on highways. Whenever possible, I take my car out for a drive, often a long drive!

If I get time after dusk, I look at the sky and get myself lost in the world of cosmos! My companions are Olympus 10x50 binocular, Weifeng tripod WF-6662A, an adapter, and my smart phone for sky chart. Yes, I do share my observations.

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