Wednesday 31 December 2014

NICE Road Bangalore and Chocolates

Title might sound completely unrelated, but of late there is a strong connection between NICE Road (Bangalore) and chocolates. This is pretty evident for frequent travellers on NICE road.

Between some points, the toll fare for 2 wheelers are like 13, and 23. If we are not giving exact amount to the toll booth, we'll get chocolates in return as change!

Specifically, we get Kopiko chocolates (not sure why this was chosen). Sometimes we get one, sometimes two or even three chocolates depending upon the change we are supposed to get. And each chocolate cost Rs. 1/-.

Very initially when I got, I just ate this chocolate. Later realised that NICE Road company is not only doing road business but also selling chocolates forcibly. Next time onwards, I started keeping those chocolates and in my next trip, I would return these chocolates instead of coins! Yes, this raised eyebrows of toll keepers but they had no choice to not to accept it back. And this chocolate has become official coin for transaction on NICE road.

End Note: Luckily my kid does not like this chocolate, hence I can keep this safely and return back.