Saturday, 3 July 2021

Pure Vegetarian homestays in Karnataka

Whenever I start searching for homestays, I look for the homestays which serve only vegetarian food. It is not easy to get a list of such homestays. I have to literally go through reviews of every homestay (barring a few) and find out if they serve only veg or not. With that exercise, I end up having a list of such homestays in Karnataka. That prompted me to create a list and post it in my blog so that it can help anyone looking for only-veg homestays.

Of course, before you go through this list, let me call out a few disclaimers.
  • This list is not complete, it will be updated as and when I get information
  • If you know any homestay which is not listed here, kindly share it in comments section and I'll add it 
  • The homestays listed here "specified" or reviews suggested that they serve only veg food at the time of my research. If they have changed that policy and you find that they are no more serving only veg, let me know through comments and I'll update my list
  • I'm not endorsing any of these homestays. It should be seen only as a compiled list
  • If I've visited any of these places and I've posted my review, I'll provide the link
  • It is at the discretion of the readers to check reviews of homestays and decide
Here is the list ordered by districts

Uttara Kannada
updated as on 13-Apr-2022


Unknown said...

You can add-
Ibbani Homestay,Siddapura
Areca Valley,Sirsi

Suresh said...

Thank you so much @Unknown. I've added them to the list. Really appreciate your help.

ದೀಪಕ್ said...

Thanks for this compilation. You can also add sai vishram beach resort situated near baindoor.

Suresh said...

Thank you @Deepak for your contribution. I have added to the list.