Monday 11 May 2009

Why We Need to Reach the Stars (and We Will)

A very nice and interesting article. There are many references in our puranas about space-travel. Although it seems like a fiction to many, I have a strong belief that the ancient people were more advanced in the technology and somehow that knowledge might have lost over the period of time.

Tuesday 5 May 2009

Yediyurappa, yake neevu heegappa?!

According to the information collected by the students of Indian Institute of Journalism and New Media, Karnataka CM Yediyurappa has spent more than 11 lacks (government's expenses) in visiting temples within the five months of his tenure. The students have collected this information under Right To Information Act.

As per the information, after he became the CM, he has spent Rs. 3,68,590 for his Tirupathi visit, 1.85 lacks for Udupi's visit and 28,000 for Mysore Chamundi Hill's visit. (Source: Vijaya Karnataka paper dated May 1, 2009)

Mr. CM, we, the people of Karnataka have a lot of expectations from your government. We were fed up with the mis-rulings of Congress and JDS and hence we have given a chance to your party. Please stop visiting temples at the government's expenses. This is our money, I repeat, this is people's money and we definetely mind if you use it for your personal works/benefits.