Thursday 1 October 2009

Applying Thought in Railway Station

Last week, I went to Bengaluru railway station to drop my mother who was going to Mysore. I bought the ticket for 7AM express train. When I reached the platform ticket vending machine, I noticed a notice which said "Platform tickets will not be issued till so and so date". Upon enquiring, I came to know that the railways has stopped issuing platform tickets till the end of Dasara festival to avoid the crowd! That means, people should enter the station with only passenger tickets!

Obviously I got irritated as I had to help my mother in getting a seat in the train. After thinking for a while, something flashed in my mind! (Like they say, Applying Thought)

I went back to ticket counter. I bought a ticket for myself for 7.30AM passenger train up to Kengeri station. The fare was Rs.2/- only! One Rupee less than the platform ticket! I got my mother a seat and as the train left the platform, I also headed towards exit. The Travel Ticket Examiner (TTE) who was standing at the exit gate asked for the ticket. I showed my ticket and said "My train is at 7.30AM and I'll back in a few minutes". She nodded and I left the place!