Saturday, 17 March 2018

Sunset at Somnath beach, Gujarat

Watching sunset is always mesmerizing!

Sunday, 4 February 2018

Flying high

My first ever attempt at capturing a flying bird. This was captured at Nishkalank Mahadev temple, off Koliyak beach, Gujarat.

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Road trip from Bangalore to Gujarat in a Duster

We did a road trip from Bengaluru to Gujarat in Duster. I have published the travelogue in Team-BHP site. Click here to see the article.

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Weekend trip to Sigandur and Jog Falls

Sometimes the last minute plan make wonders. This is what happened when Prashanth and I decided to go for a weekend family trip to Jog falls on Thursday. I got into itinerary and Prashanth started calling hotels for stay. Though my itinerary was ready, he had difficulty in getting two rooms in such a short notice.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Maharashtra Road Trip

This post is about 3111 km road drive to Maharashtra from Bengaluru covering 9 days. In this post, I have given emphasis on the places visited and specifically on certain tips which you should be aware of so that you don't get into surprises and be prepared for! For those who are only looking for summary, I don't disappoint you either! You can directly jump to the summary section at the end of this post!

Saturday, 8 October 2016

Real life example of Voice Phishing (Vishing)

This is how the conversation went between "the executive" and I. This was a typical vishing (voice phishing) attempt to steal the private information.

Beware of such calls!!!

She: Good morning sir
Me: Good morning

She: Sir, I am calling from Master card and this is regarding your credit card
Me: yes?

She: Sir, this call is for verification. I will ask you a few questions and you need to answer.
Me: Ok

She: Can you tell me the expiry month and year of your credit card?
Me: I am not supposed to share any information to anyone. Why should I share this with you?

She: Sir, this expiry date is not confidential. I am not asking for the credit card number.
Me: If you are asking for the verification, then you have the details. Right?

She: Yes sir
Me: Why dont you give me a couple of options and I will tell you which one is as mentioned in the card?! Based on my reply, you can verify.

She: Get lost! (She hung up the phone)
Me: (grin on my face)

Friday, 26 August 2016

Viewing the mighty Himalayas from the plane

When I had to travel to Gangtok (Sikkim) on a business trip, I was excited because it was my first visit to the North East state.

My onward journey was via Kolkata and my return ticket was via New Delhi. Being a traveler, the Indian map is very familiar to my mind. The thought of flying from Bagdogra (nearest airport to Gangtok) to New Delhi triggered another excitement! Isn't this route runs parallel to the Himalayan mountains? Is there a chance of having a glimpse of mighty Mount Everest?!!!

The sheer imagination of viewing Mt.Everest brought a lot of excitement. I immediately turned to Google to check if someone has blogged about this experience. One person had blogged about viewing Himalayas whenever he flew from New Delhi to Bagdogra.

So now I had to ensure i will get a window seat. I went to seatguru site to get the seat map of my flight. Based on this, I had to book "F" seat to get the glimpse. And I got it. I was praying for a clear sky.

When I boarded the flight, I was all excited. After the plane took off, it proceeded towards South for some time, probably because to avoid flying over Nepal. After 20mins or so, it took the right turn towards West. The sky was clear at the upper region part. After a few minutes, I sighted the tall peaks which looked liked someone has placed something over there! Man! The tallest was none other than the mighty Mount Everest (got verified with Himalayan map)! I could see top portion of the mountain and the rest were covered by the cloud. It was one amazing experience viewing the mountain from above the clouds! The plane must have been flying above 9000 mts.

As the plane moved further, I saw a few more peaks. I took snaps in my mobile but it didn't do the justice. Wish I had a better camera!

Thought of sharing my experience so that if you are flying in this route, do try to get a window seat (if you are flying from New Delhi, get a "A" seat).