Saturday 22 July 2023

Immune by Philipp Dettmer - A Book Review

I was scrolling through my Twitter timeline and a person had tweeted about a book titled "Immune". What caught my attention was this book is authored by the same person who is the creator of "Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell" YouTube channel. Having subscribed to this channel, I know how good this creator/ team is. In a series of videos, he explains complicated concepts in a simple and effective way with the help of amazing animations. I checked about this book in Amazon, and I got to know that this book is about Immune system - what exactly the Immune system is, how immunity works in the body and what it takes to develop good immune system. 

After Covid hit the world, this topic is being discussed in various forums and in family/ friends' circle. As with any other topic, people have varied understanding of Immunity. This was a topic of interest but on top of that I knew that this author would have explained as simple as possible with graphics. A cursory look at this book's review confirmed that. I had two options to buy - a Kindle format and a printed book. Considering the fact that this book has a lot of graphics, I chose the printed format. I did not want to buy a Kindle version as I was not sure how these graphics would render in Kindle.

This book doesn't disappoint the readers. I'm not a biology student, yet I was able to understand the concepts. While explaining the complex topics, the author brings analogy with real-life situations/ scenarios so that the non-biology readers can understand these medical topics. He starts with what exactly the immune system is, and then he explains about our cells, the two-level defense mechanism which exists in human body and how these mechanism works when the body is attacked/ infected by a virus. Towards the end he has covered separate chapters for topics like autoimmune disease, how to boost your immune system, the connection between stress and the immune system, cancer and the immune system, and the Coronavirus Pandemic.

He has used colorful graphics to help readers visualize the concepts. Even though the subject is a medical topic, I never got bored of reading this book. The author has connected the chapters through an art of story-telling. As a reader, I was curious to read next chapter to understand what's happening inside our body! I completed the book pretty quickly.

Do I recommend this book? Yes! If you are a science student, grab this book without a second thought. If you are not a science student yet want to understand about your Immune system, do read this book, preferably in Printed format.

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