Wednesday 20 August 2008

How I Stole Someone's Identity - An article on Social Hacking

A very good example of what social hacking is and how careful one should be to avoid it. Read it here:

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Monday 18 August 2008

Review of Nokia E66 - Read it on Tech Bangalore

Prashanth has published his reviews on Nokia E66 on his Tech Bangalore site. I had a chance to glance through this mobile when I met him. It looked like a phone for business people. Check his website for more details.

Balarama's wife Revathi and Einstein's "Twin Paradox" Theory

There is a story mentioned in Srimad Bhagavatam. The story goes like this:

There lived a king called Kakudmi and he had beautiful daughter called Revathi. Kakudmi took his daughter to celestial world of Lord Brahma to ask him who would be the right husband for his daughter. Brahma was busy listening to music and Kakudmi waited for sometime till the end of music program. Then Kakudmi submitted his desire to Brahma. Brahma laughed and said "My dear Kakudmi, from the time you came here your earthly world has passed through 27 maha-yugas (millions of years) and so none of whom you have in mind or their descendents are alive now. Go back and marry off your daughter to Balarama, the elder brother of Krishna"

If you carefully read this story, there are some interesting points which are worth pondering.

First, Kakudmi took his daughter to Lord Brahma's world. This is a inter-stellar space travelling.

Second, even though Kakudmi was born millions of years before Balarama, during their marriage time she was still young! How is this possible? When Kakudmi and Revathi were in Brahma's world, their age was changing according to the world of Brahma not Earth! In today's science it is called "Twin Paradox". This is explained within the framework of "relativity theory". As per this theory, a person who makes a journey into space in a high-speed rocket will return home to find he/she has aged less than an identical twin who stayed on Earth.

Third, How different the time in Brahma's world compared to Man's (on Earth)? This article explains this (

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Monday 11 August 2008

First Individual Gold for India in Olympics!

Abhinav Bindra has won India's first ever individual Gold in Olympics! He won it in Men's 10m Air rifle event. Check here for detailed report.