Wednesday 21 July 2010

Time Pass Blog Post!

[This was written on 15th July]
I'm writing this while travelling to Mysore in train. I just finished reading newspaper. Finding difficult to pass another 1hr. I've nothing much to do, so started observing people around me...

Opposite to me, two ladies in their late 20s are talking continuously in a language I don't understand! I guess, it might be Konkani, Tulu or Kodava.

In the other side of the compartment, four women in their late 40s are discussing about their families and relatives. Among them seated, a young guy seems to be lost! Once in a while, he is staring at those young ladies! Poor chap!

Behind me and diagonally opposite, there's a young mother with his 1+ year son. This cute boy seems to have lost patience sitting for a long time and she's having tough time in consoling her son!

In the next (front) compartment, there is one cute young lady (may be teen) napping on her mother's shoulder. Next to her is a handsome guy, busy in reading some book. He looks uncomfortable with his shoulder touching hers! May be he is bit nervous! Wonder if he can concentrate on his reading! Opposite to that teen is one old man who looks completely bored!

Oh! my train has reached Shreerangapatna. One advantage in the train is one can pass time by just observing co-passengers! Every time I travel in train, I get to see new kind of people! Signing off as my train is approaching Mysore!


sachin said...

interesting blog.. i liked ur experience you wrote in words..

Suresh said...


Thanks for the comments.