I'm from Bengaluru (12.9716° N, 77.5946° E). Through this blog I share my knowledge and experience.

I love travelling and so does my wife and that makes it a perfect stage for exploring! I've been marking the traveled places in Google Maps. We want to see lots of Blue marks in that map! Of course, I do post about my travels as well.

As much as I hate driving in the city limits, I love driving on highways. Whenever possible, I take my car out for a drive, often a long drive!

If I get time after dusk, I look at the sky and get myself lost in the world of cosmos! My companions are Olympus 10x50 binocular, Weifeng tripod WF-6662A, an adapter, Orion 8 inch go-to telescope, and my smart phone for sky chart. Yes, I do share my observations.

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