Saturday 8 October 2016

Real life example of Voice Phishing (Vishing)

This is how the conversation went between "the executive" and I. This was a typical vishing (voice phishing) attempt to steal the private information.

Beware of such calls!!!

She: Good morning sir
Me: Good morning

She: Sir, I am calling from Master card and this is regarding your credit card
Me: yes?

She: Sir, this call is for verification. I will ask you a few questions and you need to answer.
Me: Ok

She: Can you tell me the expiry month and year of your credit card?
Me: I am not supposed to share any information to anyone. Why should I share this with you?

She: Sir, this expiry date is not confidential. I am not asking for the credit card number.
Me: If you are asking for the verification, then you have the details. Right?

She: Yes sir
Me: Why dont you give me a couple of options and I will tell you which one is as mentioned in the card?! Based on my reply, you can verify.

She: Get lost! (She hung up the phone)
Me: (grin on my face)