Thursday 9 August 2018

How to renew Driving License (DL)

Recently I renewed my DL in Bangalore without the help of a broker. Due to the changes in the process, and these process not updated in the RTO site, I had to visit the RTO 3 times to get this work done. Having gone through the pain, thought of sharing this here so that people can benefit.

Important Notes:
  1. You don't have to contact the broker if you follow these steps.
  2. Some of the processes are enabled online (website).
  3. These steps are what I followed in Bangalore RTO. The steps may/may not vary depending upon the state/city.
When your DL is going to expire or already expired, follow these steps:
  1. Visit the site
  2. Select the option "DL related services" and it will open a page in a new tab
  3. Select your state from the list (If your state is not listed here, probably the online process may not be enabled).
  4. In the left side of the screen, select "Apply Online - DL Renewal"
  5. Follow the steps as mentioned in the site. You have to enter your DL number, DOB and other details.
  6. Once you complete the form filling, an Application Number will be generated.
  7. Take the print out of Acknowledgement, Form 9, and medical certificate.
  8. Take the medical certificate to the nearest government hospital and get the signature and seal from the authorised doctor. In my case, the doctor took Rs.50/- for this process.
  9. Now you have to take the scan of the below documents
    • Medical certificate with doctor's sign and seal
    • Your original DL
    • Your passport photo (Check the recommended size and dimension in the site)
    • Your specimen signature (Check the recommended size and dimension in the site)
    • Any other document depending upon the service you have chosen (For example, if you are requesting for address change, you have to upload the valid address proof as well)
  10. Upload all the above documents in the portal (The application number is the reference in the site). Note: Do not visit the RTO without uploading all the required documents.
  11. You will also get an option to pay the fees online. Alternatively you can pay the fees in the RTO office as well.
  12. Take a copy of the Acknowledgement.
  13. Once the above steps are done, take the Acknowledgement (with a copy), the medical certificate, original DL to the RTO
  14. You have to take one stamped self addressed envelope (RTO will send the DL through this)
  15. In the RTO, go to the concerned officer who will do the verification of all your papers and sign it.
  16. After getting the signature, proceed to the payment section (if you have not paid the fees online)
  17. After the payment, go to the DL section officer for the final signature.
  18. After his/her signature, go to the Photo and Signature section where your photo will be taken along with your signature. In this section, DO NOT forget to get the signature and seal on the "Acknowledgement copy" you took at step no 12. You need to carry this paper until you get your original DL back. For the photo, they took Rs.60/-
Now you have to wait for your DL. However, you can still drive carrying the acknowledgement copy. Hope this helps.

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