Wednesday 3 April 2019

A real test to the human nose in a office lift!

Sometimes the office lift throws a serious challenge to my nose - to check it's capability to detect as many scents and stenches as possible. It is a dilemma to whether feel proud about my nose's capability or to feel annoyed of being put to the test! 

The real test is when I enter the lift at noon. The moment I enter along with other folks, my nose starts detecting all the scents and stenches it can in 60 seconds.

The strongest smell comes from someone who has just returned from smoking. Of course that's an awful smell. Things go tricky when the smoker is chewing a gum. As much as the smoking smell is unpleasant, the gum scent only add to the misery! My nose tries to further distinguish these two smells.

Just imagine the situation when at the same time, a lady standing in the same lift has put a strong perfume. My nose and the brain further distinguish each individual scent at the same time.

Things only go worse if another man standing has taken the bath with deodorant! Yes, the deo smell is so strong, my brain starts thinking which scent out of four wins the title "The Strongest".

There were instances, when my nose could also catch a whiff of, amongst all, a filter coffee which another man was sipping in the lift.

All that happens in less than 60 seconds. The moment the lift door opens at my floor and I step out, my nose sighs a great relief! A very few times, it ends with a sneeze! Phew!

Fun fact: As per the current research, the human nose can distinguish at least 1 trillion different odors!

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