Tuesday 25 February 2020

Astronomy Poem

Recently I went to a star party at Coorg organized by Bangalore Astronomical Society. The sky was pretty clear and dark and I was able to see many deep sky objects. This experience inspired me to write a poem. This poem is dedicated to the BAS.

I went to a star party 
To see the vast and mighty 

The party started at dusk 
Our eyes were getting adjusted to the murk 

The Venus was up and so bright 
We didn't have sheets to mask that white light! 

The Andromeda looked like a piece of cotton 
Still it brought us a feel of jubilation

Perseus showed us the double cluster 
As if it was trying to muster 

Taurus was up with it's Pleiades 
And Aldebaran was as usual lustrous

Even in the sky you get Salt and Pepper 
Oh wait! You can't eat that - be aware

The favorite of all was Orion
The Betelgeuse had kept everyone's eyes on!

Binos and scopes were glued to Nebula
Don't we know that Orion has its own fabula!

What followed was the Dog star
Let me tell you this is the brightest star

The special sight was of the Leo triplet
Three galaxies in one frame, what a sight!

As the Big Dipper showed it's trademark shape
The people asked "where's Vasishta's mate?!"

We were all waiting for the Sagittarius
Behold! That's the milky way, Amigos!

The gigantic display of dust and cloud
It will for sure keep everyone "wowed"!

Mars, Jupiter and Saturn all lined up
And they are all saying "it's time up!"

The party ended at dawn
My brain signaled the body to yawn!

Whenever I look at cosmos wide and far
It reminds me - how insignificant we are!!!

Oh Man! Your ego and pride! What the heck!
Remember you are living in a speck!

For people not familiar with night sky objects, here is the reference of objects mentioned in the poem:

Planets: Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn

Constellations: Perseus, Taurus, Orion, Leo, Big Dipper, Sagittarius

Galaxies: Andromeda, Leo Triplet (M65, M66, and NGC 3628)

Clusters: Double Cluster (NGC 869 and NGC 884), Pleiades (M 45), Salt and Pepper (M 37)

Nebula: Orion (M 42)

Stars: Aldebaran (rohini), Betelgeuse, Sirius (Dog Star), Mizar (Vasishta), Alcor A (Arundathi)

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