Sunday 8 November 2020

Dabbaguli - A picnic spot near Bangalore

During this covid time and restrictions on travel, we were looking for a place where there is not much crowd and we can enjoy the fresh air without wearing mask. We got information about this place called Dabbaguli from YouTube channels and Facebook posts. The place looked ideal (riverside as well) during these times and we decided to visit this place. As rightly mentioned in the YouTube channels, this place was really awesome and it was worth all the effort. In this post, I'll provide details about this place and tips.

Let's first have a look at this place and later I'll cover other details.

Where is this place located?

This place is in Tamil Nadu but near to Karnataka border. Click here to get the exact location. Do note that there is no network coverage. It is recommended to download the map for offline use.

How is the road condition?

Majority of the stretch has good road condition. However, do note that this place is in a forest area. Once you enter the forest check post, the last 30 mins drive has no road. If your car has high ground clearance, you will have a peaceful drive. If your car has low ground clearance, be prepared for bottom scrapes.

Is this place safe?

This place is located in a forest area. It is recommended to visit this place in weekends so that you will have company. Yes it is safe for families.

Is the river safe for children and all?

It is a Cauvery river flowing in full swing. However, the bank side is relatively safe for everyone to enjoy the water. The authorities says it is not safe to go into the middle of the river because of the depth as well as the current of the river. So it is advisable to remain near the bank.

Are there wild animals?

Yes. Elephants roam in this area specifically in late evenings. Hence one has to return by 5PM.

Are there restaurants nearby?

As this place is in a forest area, there is no restaurant. You need to pack your food before entering the check post. We had packed food for breakfast and lunch so we avoided the restaurants.

Can you take elders?

Yes absolutely. There are no steps and cars can be parked near the bank.

Anything else?

Please carry a trash can/cover to collect all the trash from your food. Please do not trash anything in that place. Carry all the trash back to your home. This place is in pristine condition, let us keep it like that.


AB said...

Is it allowed to do cooking here in case we want to do self cooking picnic?

Suresh said...

@AB, I think so. When I went there, a family was cooking in that place. But there are monkeys, so be prepared to shoo them away!

Anonymous said...

Can we prepare food there itself??

Suresh said...

@Anonymous, as I mentioned in my earlier comment, I saw one family cooking in that place. However, you would need to take all the things.

Traveller said...

we are group of 20 people, Can we travel by minibus

Suresh said...

@Traveller, I think you can go by mini bus.