Friday 27 June 2008

Yahoo Map of Mysore!

You don't find street level details of Mysore in Microsoft's Map ( or Google's Map ( I was curious to check Yahoo Map ( to see how detailed level we get to see of Mysore. Surprisingly, Yahoo map has street level details. I could see major roads drawn in the map. When I was going through the streets, I found GRS Fantasy Park right in the middle of the city! I know pretty well that GRS Fantasy Park is situated in the outskirts of the city. In the map, it is shown as near to Narayan Shastry Road. The place was supposed to be marked as "Subbarayana Kere". I wonder how it would be if a traveler depends on these maps to explore the city. If it were some other place, probably that wouldn't have mattered. But, showing one tourist place in a wrong place is certainly a mistake which should be corrected.


Anonymous said...


this shows the level of information details available in india. may be some miscreants have supplied the details to this website!!!

Because, I am a regular user of google. maps website, and i am using it almost everyday here in melbourne. I never got a wrong map, road or location in this map so far. If I type any address in the search bar, it shows exactly on the spot with a pointing.

May be the earlier plan was to make subramanya kere as GRS fantessy park and i think it went to KRS road due to lack of proper space and google map only can explain about it.

I am heard from some of my friend, that exact street and locational information about mysore is available in singapore in some road guidance books!!!

I am DAM SURE that such information is not available in mysore or anywhere in india.

Suresh said...


I'm referring to Yahoo Map not Google Map. I couldn't find that detailed information in Google Map. Well, I cannot agree to your point that such information is not available in India. I'm pretty sure we can find much detailed information. Anyhow, I've given feedback to Yahoo. Let's see when they will correct it.