Tuesday 10 February 2009

Google lands on Mars!

First it was Earth, then Sky, later it was Ocean and now it is Mars! Yes Google has landed on Mars! Hold on, Google has not fired any spacecraft to the martian soil! Instead Google has created a map of Mars similar to Google Earth.

Map can be seen in three types of Data: Elevation, Visible and Infrared. In Elevation data, map is colored as per the altitude. This view gives you a very good information on the altitude on different plains of the Mars.

Another good feature of this Map is the marked location of various Regions, Spacecrafts, Mountains etc. So, if you click on Spacecraft link, it shows you landing position of various Spacecrafts such as Mars Lander, Viking Lander. The images used in this map are taken from NASA's spacecraft.

Google Mars to view Map. Click here to know more about Google Map.

In addition to Mars Map, Google has also released Google Map 3D, which is included in the latest version of Google Earth. Google Map 3D gives a 3 dimensional view of Martian soil. I'm yet to download the latest version of Google Earth and see for myself this new tool. You can download the latest version of Google Earth from here. If you cannot download and you are still curious to see how it looks like (like me!), just check this link.

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