Friday 5 June 2009

Height of Opportunism

What is the height of Opportunism? Ask Kumaraswamy, and you'll get the answer immediately! He holds the master degree in that! Perhaps, he deserves the doctorate! You don't agree? Let's see the sequence of events.
  • Kumaraswamy forms the government with BJP in Karnataka and becomes Chief Minister.
  • He refuses to lend the support to BJP after 20 months of ruling saying BJP is communal! Poor man, He was not aware of it when he took the support!
  • It's Loksabha election time. He vows to maintain equal distance from both Congress and BJP.
  • At the time of the election result, he pays a visit to Sonia Gandhi to offer support to UPA (with an intention of ministerial berth). The reason for the change is again BJP! He wants to keep communal BJP from power!
  • When he was sure that he'll not get a ministerial berth, he vows to maintain equal distance from both Congress and BJP (from the latest news)
If you closely observe the events, it is more than certain that Kumaraswamy cannot digest to be in the opposition. He always wants to be in power by hook or crook!
Definitely, we can not blame him! He's what he is! We don't have to expect him to change. The blame should be on the people who vote for him despite all these dramas! Either these people should be ignorant or foolish! I don't see any other reason!

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