Monday 6 July 2009

Federer The Legend

For some time I thought Andy Roddick will do what Nadal did in the previous year at Wimbledon. As the fifth set was going one after the other game, and keeping in mind that Federer has not broken the Roddick's game in the first 4 sets, I was just thinking if Federer would be able to create a history at Wimbledon. Two were playing like they are in a battle field and it is a do or die war. Nobody was sure when this match is going to end, and suddenly a couple of mistakes by Roddick brought this epic match to an end. Roger Federer had created a history by winning his 15th grand slam surpassing Pete Sampras's record. Sampras was in the stands looking at how his long standing record going into the archive.

With this win, Roger Federer also retained No. 1 position. When Sampras won his 14th grand slam, he was 31. Federer is only 27 and he can surely win more grand slams in the years ahead.

It would be interesting to see more Federer Vs Nadal matches once the latter comes out of the injury. Nevertheless, Federer will be remembered as one of the greatest Tennis players in the world!

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Anonymous said...

I read few things about tennis players from the days of Monica and stepphie.

These guys fed and nad are not just champions but they have lot more than just tennis.