Wednesday 9 September 2009

Haunted Railway station reopens

Begunkodor railway station which is 260KM from the state capital Calcutta was closed for nearly 42 years. The reason: In 1967, a railway worker is said to have died after he saw a woman ghost in white Saree! The result: Railway station was closed and there was no stop for the trains passing this station!

It seems the whole ghost story was cooked-up by railway officials as they never wanted a posting in a remote place! Now, the same station has reopened. I wonder why it took 42 years to know the truth! Or is it that the woman ghost has also left the place as no train was stopping over there!

Obviously, the villagers are celebrating the occasion as they can board a train after a long 42 years gap!

Note: Recently, there was a news in Bengaluru that, some policemen saw ghosts in the High Court campus. I hope high court will not get closed!

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