Thursday 27 October 2011

Hyderabad Shared Auto and Bachelors!

Shared auto is perhaps one of the widely used transportations in Hyderabad.

During my 4 years stay in Hyderabad, shared auto is the most used for commute. I stayed in Madhapur, near Hitech city. Whether it was for Cyber Towers or Ameerpet, shared auto was the preferred option. These autos are plenty in numbers and you are assured of a seat. Hence, people preferred it over city bus.

These autos are 3 seater, but these were plying with minimum 5 passengers and the count increases to even 10! You have to see for yourself to believe! Normally, 3 passengers sit in the back and 2 alongside the driver. Yes, 3 people share one seat! I was taking these autos to commute between Madhapur and Ameerpet.

Sometimes, I was getting a seat next to a girl. As I have observed over a period of time, there were three kinds of girls. For first type of girl, bachelors like me were untouchables! Yes, this girl ensures that none of her body parts touch the hapless male who is sitting next to her. She sits as if she may jump out of auto anytime! Second type of girl is comfortable to sit next to a bachelor. She does not mind when two shoulders rub against each other while auto takes turn. There will be extra pressure on our legs to ensure that we do not fall further on girl during unexpected turns. Third type of girl is over comfortable. She almost falls on us poor guys! It’s not only shoulders but also thighs rub against each other! To confess, it was my turn to feel discomfort!

When a group of bachelors wait for a shared auto, and if there is a vacant seat next to a girl, there would be a competition among bachelors to get that seat! The one who gets the seat, flags as if it was an achievement! The competition increases more if the girl looks pretty modern (most probably a student from nearby fashion school!). Other unlucky bachelors envy this lucky man and sometimes this alone becomes a point of discussion.

I have also observed another behavior among girls. Sometimes, I was getting a seat next to a girl and there would be another vacant seat on the other side. When another girl wants to get into auto, she requests me to get down so that she would sit in the middle and I would sit next to her in the corner. There were girls who would just get into the auto and I'm sitting between two girls. Perhaps, this situation was the most tiring as I had to ensure that I do not fall on either side. If I lean by even 1 degree, some girls would stare at me and a kind of look which says "dare you not...".

One day I was heading Ameerpet and I was the only passenger in auto. Near Yousufguda, my auto was stopped by a mother and her daughter. Her daughter was about to get in, mother stopped her, she got in first and then her daughter. Why? Of course, because of that bachelor. These are some of the examples on how we bachelors face humiliation.

Nevertheless, shared auto was one of the fascinating, interesting, and affordable rides! I used these autos to a greater extent till I got my bike!


Unknown said...

Hello Suresh!
Happened to come across this post when I was reading about "shared autos" in Hyderabad.

I'd like to add a link to your blog on one of my posts. Would that be alright with you?

Suresh said...

Rahul Das,

Sure, you can provide a link in your blog.

Rahul Das said...

Thanks, Suresh!

Here's the link to the blog post. It's titled "30 things to do in Hyderabad".

Suresh said...

Rahul, i guess link is missing.

Unknown said...

Haha, guess I forgot to add it.

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Anonymous said...

No offense to you, but that is how females are scared in India.

This was a guys pt of view.. Hear some girls out too, then u will understand why girls behave tht way.

there are many bachelor categories....Lichhad, maha Lichhad, Thirkee, hadd ch****

And a rear breed, a gentleman.....

Welcome to India.!!!!!!!!!