Sunday 16 May 2021

Breath and Meditation workshop from Art of Living

I had watched breathing and meditation techniques in YouTube videos. But wanted to learn from a Guru (teacher) so that I get a satisfaction that I learnt with a proper technique and I get to ask questions and get clarifications. When my engineering classmate Guruprasad mentioned that the Art of Living is conducting a workshop on the same through online, I decided to enroll for this program. Especially during these covid times, it was more than necessary to learn proper breathing techniques and meditation.

This was a 4-day workshop and 2 hours program each day. Our schedule was from 6am to 8am. This program was taken by one of the Swamijis from Art of Living. 

First we were given an introduction on the need of pranayama (breathing) and meditation. Then we were taught on how to do meditation. On the breathing aspect, the program covered

  • Ujjayi pranayama which is basically a deep breathing
  • Bhastrika pranayama which is a brisk breathing, and
  • Sudarshana kriya which will involve deep and brisk breathing in a specific pattern.

Each breathing technique will have a specific pattern and the teacher will give instructions. The day starts with a yoga where we were shown some warm-up exercises and then the breathing technique. Before Sudarshana kriya, we chanted 'Om'-kaara thrice. After Sudarshana kriya, we were asked to lie down for 5-10 mins. The teacher also talked about the aspects of life, having positive mindset, and how to respond to the challenging events/circumstances.

Overall, it was a wonderful experience. I could feel the difference in my mind and body after doing the breathing exercise. Being a coffee lover myself, I could do this workshop early morning without coffee and I was feeling fresh after the program. So you can imagine the effectiveness! Of course, my responsibility is - going forward I need to practice this technique without fail. Consistency is the key and I can share the changes in me, may be, only after a year or so.

Having said that, I will definitely recommend this workshop for everyone. Strengthening the mind and body is essential to survive and evolve in this world!

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