Thursday 19 August 2010

tweet4blood - Twitter for Blood!

Today I got one SMS from my friend seeking a help for his friend's mother. She needs AB- blood and she's hospitalized in Bangalore. At that moment, one thing which came to my mind was Tweet4blood. It is a simple yet effective application which utilizes the power of popular micro-blogging and social networking site Twitter.

If you need blood, just hit and submit your request. No need to login and no need to register!

If you are a donor, follow tweet4blood at and you'll get notification for all blood requests. Currently, 405 people are following tweet4blood (including me!).

Is it not so simple? The credit goes to Thejesh who has developed this application.


Anonymous said...

Hey thanks a lot for spreading message. Did she get blood?

Suresh said...

Thejesh, She got one unit of blood from other hospital. She needs one more unit. Till now, no one has come. Let's see.

Ashok said...

thanks for the info.