Friday 20 August 2010

Salary Hikes for MPs - What are the criterion?

In any organization, salary hike is decided based on the performance of an employee. I'm not sure in the government office but in any typical organization, this is the case. Based on the performance of an employee, hike percentage is also decided.

But, look at the salary hikes for MPs. Government has decided to increase by 3 times! This percentage of hike applies to every MP. We, the people of India, have no idea why and on what basis these hikes were given!

As one of the tax payers, I would like to know what were the criterion used for this hike.

1. Did they take the attendance of MPs into account?

2. Did they evaluate the performance of each MP based on the work carried out in the respective constituency?

3. Did they consider "mannerism" of MPs during the sessions?

4. Did they consider the corruption background of each MP?

5. Did they evaluate how the constituency development money was utilized by each MP?

6. Did they consider whether MP has come up with any new idea for the development of constituency?

7. Did they consider if MP has done anything to improve the living conditions of people?

8. Did they ever talk to people of the constituencies to access MP's performance?

In an organization, without proper assessment employees will not get hikes. Then why is this difference when it comes to our MPs?

Are there any MP(s) who are listening to these questions? It would be great if you can answer to some of these if not all.

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