Tuesday 12 October 2010

Karnataka Politics - Hopeless Politicians and Helpless People!

As the drama is going on in Karnataka politics, we, the citizen, are feeling totally helpless! After a misrule by Congress and JDS, we decided to give BJP a chance. When we gave chance, it was not for 1 or 2 years, but for 5 years. Who wants to waste our own money for more and more elections!

As things seems to have got settled, problems only started surfacing. Initial blackmailing from Reddy brothers only showed us how weak our CM is. Some tainted ministers were inducted to “strengthen” the government! As reshuffling happened, dropped ministers and other MLAs started blackmailing. It only showed how elected representatives are only interested in making money than serving the people. This was the plight of BJP.

Coming to our opposition, the Congress has ruled (looted) the state and country for so many years that it finds it difficult to sit in opposition. With governor acting like a BJP-hater, things never look easy for the state. Congress even went for padayatra, but we really didn’t hear any positive outcome from it. The only positive, perhaps, was that some of our netas shed some kgs! Congress has never acted as a responsible opposition.

Coming to JDS, the party which does not have any morals or principles left! Even though the people of Karnataka clearly said “No” this party, it is still dreaming of ruling the state! Gowda and his sons cannot digest the fact that they are rejected by the people. They are always trying to dislodge the government and sit in the hot seat by hook or crook! They do not hesitate to seek the support from it’s equidistant enemy Congress. In the recent drama, JDS was seen openly supporting BJP dissidents to dislodge the government.

As we see each of these parties, one thing is pretty clear. Everyone is acting for their own vested interests. No one is least bothered to ask the people what they really want. We, the people have voted each of these MLAs. But, today we are in a back seat. We have become a mute spectator. Unfortunately, even the media is of no help. These media are just dancing to the tunes of political parties!

With all these natakas in Karnataka, the loser is pretty clear. It’s us, the people. But, who cares! We have made the selection and we have to suffer! Long live democracy!

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