Tuesday 19 October 2010

CyberFunda - Ask and Answer in your language

You might know there are many websites where you can ask questions and get answers. Some of the popular ones are Answers, Yahoo! Answers, and Ask. In these web sites, you can ask question or provide answer in English.

Gurudeva from HitXP has come up with an unique website called CyberFunda where in you can ask question and also answer in your choice of (Currently mostly Indian) language. Currently it supports 15 languages (Alpha version) including English, Nepali, and Sanskrit. This website is developed using Open Source applications and libraries. You don’t have to register to ask or to provide an answer. But, if you register, you’ll get points for every question you ask, and every answer you provide.

Go ahead, register and share the knowledge in the language of your choice!


Gurudev said...

Thank you very much Suresh for blogging about CyberFunda and spreading the word. Your article surely helps us in our effort to popularize original content in Indian languages on the Internet.

Suresh said...

Welcome Gurudev! Really appreciate your efforts in making this website. Wish the website a grand success!