Tuesday 27 May 2008

Is there a life in Mars?

On Sunday, Phoenix spacecraft successfully landed on arctic plain of Mars. It took 9 months and 23 days to reach Mars from Earth! The objective of the mission is to determine if there is a water ice on subsurface of Mars. If water ice exists, how much of it is available and to find out if it can be useful in future. The findings of this mission will be exciting. Imagine, if we found that water ice exists in Mars and if we can use that to convert it to water and also to oxygen… Wow! We can also think of using that water for future human landing. Also, it would give a hint at life at Mars. When we say life, do not only think of human like creatures. It could also be micro-organisms.

Phoenix is already sending pictures of Mars at Arctic site. Take a look at wonderful pictures at NASA’s website.

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