Thursday 15 May 2008

Terrorists attack on India

Terrorists attacked again now targeting Jaipur. I feel very ashamed to see the “impotence” of central government in handling terrorists. I still wonder how many attacks the government is waiting for to happen before they wake up and take stringent action. After Sep 11 attack, not a single attack has happened in US. Why? It’s because of the way US dealt with terrorists. Why can’t India seriously deal with terrorists when again and again attacks are happening in the country?

Indian soldiers have lot of courage to fight against terrorists. But Indian government does not have courage. It’s not only the present government but also the previous governments including NDA. The reason why government is hesitant to take action is very simple! Its vote bank politics! It’s hard to believe but it’s unfortunately true that government is less worried about India’s security just because of minority votes! Just because most of the terrorists belong to one minority community, none of the political parties have “courage” to take action against people who belong to minority community. I’m not against any religion but I’m against people (from any religion) who are anti-nationals. Under the banner of secularism and human rights, there are terrorists who are still alive in the jail. They should have been hanged without showing any amount of kindness. This is the best and only way of dealing with terrorists. It’s very surprising that the person who attacked the parliament is still alive! Human right activists who are opposing death sentence to parliament attackers should be sent to Kashmir to fight against terrorists. Even if these activists die, there is no loss to the nation.

Why can’t Indian Muslims become proactive and urge the government to take stringent action against terrorists? Why they are mute spectators in these issues? I have not seen/heard prominent Muslim leaders being proactive in these issues.

Indian government should take actions before it is too late. If you cannot wage war against enemies, you will not have right to stay in the position.

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