Monday 20 April 2009

A conversation with a party worker!

Yesterday when I was at home, someone knocked my door and it was a group of people from Congress party who were distributing pamphlets for the forthcoming Loksabha elections. One of the guys started conversation with me and it went like this:

Guy: Namaskara Sir
Me: Namaskara
Guy: Please vote for Congress. Candidate is young, very hard-working and sincere
Me: Okay
Guy: He's a class-mate of Rahul Gandhi
Me: Is it? Really?
Guy: Yes, they were class-mates in US (United States)
Me: Oh!
Guy: Rahul Gandhi has promised to give 10000 crores for Bangalore Sir
Me: Well, Congress government was at center for 5 years and they didn't give at that time. Should we believe that we'll get that money for Bangalore development?
Guy: No Sir. They were ready to give. But, BJP (state government) didn't accept it!
Me: But, BJP came to power only 9 months back. Congress government came to power 5 years back?!
Guy: hmmm.... Sir, please vote for our candidate.

And he left!

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