Wednesday 22 April 2009


Things are changing. Nowadays, every candidate wants to have his/her identity in Internet! Look at the way the candidates are creating their own websites and use it for their campaigning.

Ananth Kumar of BJP, Krishna Byre Gowda of Congress, PC Mohan of BJP, Prof RadhaKrishna of JDS are a few examples. Krishna Byre Gowda has gone one step further. He has created a blog in Blogger but I've not seen him interacting with visitors. Also, he has opened a twitter account where you'll get updates about his campaign. Ananth Kumar has a section called "heLi-keLi" (literally meaning Speak-Listen) wherein he directly interacts with visitors answering to their questions. He has also created a voter's help desk!

As more people are becoming computer savvy and using it for discussions, communication, and information, it is obvious for these candidates to use this medium to reach out to people.

We need to check if these websites are created keeping the elections in mind or do they really update their sites and interact with people even after the elections!

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