Thursday 15 April 2010

World of Magicians!

The very word “Magic” brings excitement to the people. It brings us the memories of Indrajala comics, or the story of Gatodghaja, or our famous magician PC Sorcar! Obviously, people will be interested to know more about magic and magicians. Now, this has become more easy with the launch of World’s first complete magicians website:

This website was launched just few minutes back! Visit the site and get to know more about magic and magicians.

(I got to know about this site from Prashanth)


Philip's Software Technolgies said...

Thanq for posting news about For your information, today completed 6 years. is India's first complete magicians' web site.

- Philip Tiju Abraham
[ Founder of n ]

Suresh said...

Hi Philip, congratulations for completing 6 years of Wish you all the best and success for all your hard work!