Monday 3 May 2010

Bengaluru School in Bill Gates Website

Parikrma school in Bengaluru was featured in Bill Gates web site. What is so special about this school that caught the attention of BG?

Parikrma is an innovative school which serves students from some of the poorest communities in Bengaluru. Parikrma's goal is to transform lives by providing children with world-class educational opportunities.

What is more interesting is some of the statistics:
About 89.4% of the students knows what they want to achieve in life compared to 86% from private schools and 42.9% from government school! About 72.7% knows how to achieve this and 86.4% feels they'll achieve this in their life time.

It is very heartening that we do have schools who take the admission from poorest communities, not only educate them, but also instill positive attitude, and confidence to achieve their goals. Compare this to some of the famous schools who take the admission from brightest students (criteria like more than 90%), ensure that they'll also pass out with highest marks (again number is what matters here) but little or no attention to what we call behavioral skills!

Do read the article at BG web site and also the Q&A between the students of Parikrma school and BG.

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