Tuesday 18 May 2010

Google SMS Search

This is another product from Google. By sending a simple SMS, you can use the power of Google search and get the results right to your mobile phone. You can send SMS to get cricket score, Indian train PNR status, flight schedules, hotels information on a particular area, stock quote of a company, city weather, definition of a word and more. An interesting note here is, all these SMSs cost you only standard rate not any premium rates!

You have to send SMS to 9-77-33-00000 (India number). Say, you want to know the definition of a word you just heard while moving. Send one SMS to the above number with the text as "define caveat" and you'll get the meaning of the word caveat. If you are interested to know today's horoscope for your sun sign, type your sun sign and send. If you don't know what is your sun sign, just type horoscope followed by birth date as "horoscope Oct 1".

You'll get results as SMS. There are many things you can do using this SMS Search. Check this link for a list of search features available. This is really a handy tool especially when you don't have access to internet but you still want to search in the web!

Do store this number in your mobile device and happy SMS searching!

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