Friday 4 February 2011

Submission of LPG details with RR Number

This is for Bengalooreans only! As you might have already heard/read in newspaper, if you are having LPG connection, you have to submit BESCOM (Electricity) RR Number along with LPG details to the government. With the process opened in online, it is easy to submit from your computer. I thought of sharing these simple steps to submit document.


Scanned copy of Electricity Bill

The scanned copy should be saved as JPEG or GIF file in “Black and White” mode. The file size should not cross 100KB. You have to reduce resolution to bring it less than 100KB. Try giving less than 50dpi.


1. Go to If this page is not working, go to and check for one scrolling message which says “Click here to submit LPG details and RR number”

2. Select LPG Gas company (Indane, HP, BP) and wait for sometime for it to display distributors’ names

3. Select distributor from the list

4. Enter all other details (Fields which are marked in red * symbol are mandatory)

5. Select your scanned copy of Electricity Bill

6. Enter Security Key which is displayed on screen

7. Click Submit and wait for sometime

8. If your submission is successful, it will display an acknowledgment slip. Click on Print button to take a print

9. If your submission is not successful during the above process, try again!


Ramya said...

Thanks for sharing the links, submission got easier :-)

Suresh said...

Glad it helped! Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

Thank u very much suresh,i submit it very easily