Tuesday 5 July 2011

Mutthathi – Picnic spot near Bengaluru

Mutthathi is a picnic spot on the bank of river Cauvery near Bengaluru. It is approximately 80 kms from Bengaluru city and hence ideal for a weekend drive.

Mutthathi is a small village kind of place where river Cauvery flows. This makes this place a beautiful picnic spot.

How to reach:

From Bengaluru, get into Kanakapura road. Once you reach Kanakapura road, you can see sign board for Mutthathi or Cauvery Fishing Camp. Follow that sign boards.

Once you reach a place called Halagur, get into Mutthathi road. When you are approaching Mutthathi, the road becomes narrower and more scenic.


You can park your vehicle near the river bank and you can take a round shaped boat which will take you to the other side of the river.

Where to eat:

Though local foods are available at Mutthathi, I strongly suggest to pack food from Bengaluru or Kanakapura. Another option would be to have lunch at Cauvery Fishing Camp (Also called as Bhimeshwari fishing camp) which is 5-6 kms from Mutthathi. Both Veg and Non-Veg foods are served at Bhimeshwari fishing camp.

Do’s and Dont’s:

  • Own/private vehicle is the best and suggested transportation to this place.
  • When you are approaching Mutthathi, do drive slowly. Road is narrow and bit of Ghat section.
  • If you are going with family/kids, do ensure that you will leave the place before it gets dark.
  • Do pack foods like bread/fruits/biscuits so that you’ll never get surprised!
  • There are lots of monkeys in Mutthathi. Take care of your belongings and never keep the food visible.
  • Be very careful before you go for swimming. According to local people there are crocodiles in some places. Do take locals’ guidance before you dive for swimming.
  • Do not litter the place. Always carry a paper bag for all your disposals and bring it back.
  • Do enjoy the beauty of the nature!

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