Thursday 19 May 2016

Book Review: Historical Rama

For centuries,there have been serious debates and discussions happening around the authenticity of Lord Rama and Ramayana. Is Ramayana a mythology or did it really happen? If it indeed happen, when was it? What is the proof? and you can start listing down all kinds of questions.

This debate took a new turn under previous UPA government when it was decided to open a sea route near Rameswaram, which means demolishing what is known as "Rama Sethu" which is submerged under the sea between Danushkodi (India) and SriLanka. Subramanyan Swamy is fighting to preserve this structure. Many Hindus regard the "Rama Sethu" as the one built by Vanaras under the guidance of Rama.

With so many questions and tales surrounding this topic, it is not very easy to decipher and look for answers to authenticate Rama or Ramayana. D.K. Hari and D.K. Hema Hari from Bharath Gyan have done extensive research on the very subject and have authored a book with the title "Historical Rama". This book is published by Sri Sri Publications Trust of "The Art of Living".

This book tries to uncover any clue/references which leads to establish the fact/assumptions that Rama was a historical character and Ramayana is not mythology.

The authors have looked at both puranic and scientific references to establish the similar pattern. They have covered the references from Literature, Local Traditions, Astronomy, Geography, Archaeology, and Marine Archaeology.

There are so many new information which keeps the reading very interesting. One such information is the Solar dynasty lineage from Kashyapa rishi to a king of Mahabaratha times.

I would strongly recommend this book as it provides a new dimension to the Ramayana's historicity and also showcase the mention of Ramayana and Rama by so many outsiders thousands of years ago.

You can order this book at Amazon as well.

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