Tuesday 2 August 2016

Being an Ambulance Driver

Raju is working as a cab driver in Bengaluru. When he was zipping through the traffic on outer ring road, it caught my attention because of his effortless driving. I have seen many drivers driving fast but in all those cases, i felt scared and was not confident on the driving.

When Raju drove by changing lanes swiftly and making himself path so effortlessly, i just couldn't resist and asked "How do you do that?".

Perhaps he understood the essence of my question, and he replied "Sir, in my previous job, I was an ambulance driver".

I murmured "There you go! No wonder he drives so fast but a confident driving."

And I continued "Why did you change your job? How was your experience driving an ambulance?"

He explained "Sir, when I was driving the ambulance, I realized the importance of every minute. Time is so precious. There were times when i couldn't make it to the hospital and patients died. They could be alive had I reached a few minutes early." After a long pause, he continued "It was a huge mental pressure, as it was a matter of life and death. I couldn't take the pressure anymore, so joined as a cab driver".

As we drove past Silk board, an ambulance was rushing behind us and Raju promptly pulled his cab sideways and allowed the ambulance to move ahead. He very well knows how it feels for that ambulance driver and the importance of the person's life inside the vehicle.

When the cab reached my home, I thanked him and wished him the best in his new job.

He is yet another cab driver in the city, but he knows the importance of the time and seen it so closely!

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