Tuesday 26 March 2013

See Your Nakshatra – Preface

Last December, I took my first ever session on Astronomy to the family gathering of around 90. The response was positive and many people showed interest to actually see their birth star or birth constellation (also known as sun sign in western astrology). This prompted me to think of writing a series of articles on each birth star and also help people in identifying it by themselves.

Because of busy schedule, I could not start immediately, but had plans to start from the month of April. Co-incidentally, it is in April month, Hindus celebrate their new year (Ugadhi festival).

As we are getting into April, am going to start the series of articles covering each birth star per one article. The order by which I cover the stars is as visible in the sky every month. On a particular month, if more than one star is visible, will cover all of them in separate articles.

I’ll try to keep the article as simple and basic so that anyone without having Astronomy background should be able to see the star. As I’m based out of India, my view point of sky is Northern hemisphere (People who are staying north of equator). If you are staying in southern hemisphere (Ex., Australia), your sky could be different and these articles may not be applicable.

The visibility of the sky also depends on your location’s light pollution. If light pollution is distracting your view, I would suggest you to go away to further distance and watch the sky.

So, that’s it for now! Keep visiting my blog for articles on “your” star. In case you need help in locating the star, leave out a comment!

Happy star gazing! 

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