Thursday 9 May 2013

See Your Nakshatra Chitta/Chitra

Chitta (Chitra) is the 14th star in Hindu Astronomy. Before you look at sky, do know some information on this star.

Sanskrit NameChitra
Western NameSpica
Alternate NameAlpha Virginis
Constellation/RaashiVirgo (Kanya)
Distance (in Light Years)260

How to Locate: 
  1. Come out around 8.30PM.
  2. Face yourself to East direction.
  3. Lift your head and you will see two medium bright stars one above the other.
  4. Actually, one of them (below-one) is planet Saturn. Above it is Chitra.
Here is a sky map (Source: Wiki) to help you further to locate Chitra (Spica).

Let me know if you could able to locate by dropping a comment. Note that, Saturn may not always be nearer to Chitra because of it's movement.

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