Thursday 18 April 2013

See Your Nakshatra - Rohini

Rohini is the 4th star in Hindu Astronomy. Before you look at sky, do know some information on this star.

Sanskrit NameRohini
Western NameAldebaran
Alternate NameAlpha Tauri
Constellation/RaashiTaurus (Tula)
Distance (in Light Years)68

How to Locate: 
  1. Come out around 7.30PM.
  2. Face yourself to West direction.
  3. Lift your head and you will see two bright stars.
  4. Actually, one of them (Right-one) is planet Jupiter. Left to it, which is slightly dimmer of two is Rohini.
Here is a sky map (Source: Wiki) to help you further to locate Rohini (Aldebaran).

Let me know if you could able to locate by dropping a comment. Note that, Jupiter may not always be nearer to Rohini because of it's movement.

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